Trump’s No Candidate

July 2, 2015

For the last two weeks Americans have been treated to a series of bigoted, classist and plain stupid bloviations from Donald Trump. Either calculated to attract attention or just the ravings of a deranged mind, every American should be able to agree: There’s no way Donald Trump will even come close to the Presidency, let alone a minor cabinet position or ambassadorship.

American media: Stop calling Donald Trump a “presidential candidate.” He’s used the system for personal benefit before and even a cursory glance behind the curtain reveals him to be a Potemkin candidate with no significant supporters or campaign machinery. He is using media attention for some secondary purpose that does not serve the common good and only reveals news people covering him to be slavish scribes rather than thinking reporters.

If your need for clicks means you can’t stop covering Trump, at least call him “presidential pretender” or “attention junkie.” Call him for what he is.