NYT Announces Their Nate Silver Replacement: The Upshot

Via Quartz:

David Leonhardt, the Times’ former Washington bureau chief, who is in charge of The Upshot, told Quartz that the new venture will have a dedicated staff of 15, including three full-time graphic journalists, and is on track for a launch this spring.“The idea behind the name is, we are trying to help readers get to the essence of issues and understand them in a contextual and conversational way,” Leonhardt says. “Obviously, we will be using data a lot to do that, not because data is some secret code, but because it’s a particularly effective way, when used in moderate doses, of explaining reality to people.”

This sounds like it’ll be good, but there’s no way it will fully replace the traffic Nate Silver generated. He’s a very unique talent with a very unique approach.

March 10, 2014