Today’s News Producers: More Personal Than Ever

February 20, 2014

Sarah Lacy’s latest company update-slash-manifest statement on PandoDaily is instructive, honest and bracing. You should read it. I love her openness about business decisions, struggles with raising children while working and frankness about trying to find the right audience.

Lacy’s style and openness has good company with Jessica Lessin’s The Information where difficult decisions and integrity remain visibly human and the struggle for excellence is personal. Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti is following much of the same mold.

You couldn’t find a bigger shift from the big, impersonal corporate news organizations of the 20th Century. Back in the day only the biggest publisher names were known to readers, but today’s outlets build personal bonds with readers from the very start. Lacy, Lessin, Blodget, Peretti, Cohn. Important, but still small impacts compared to the big metro dailies of the 1990’s.

Today’s readers expect to hear from publishers to let us know how things are going and what’s coming around the corner. Somehow, our world has changed so that we want more information about our news providers than our neighborhood grocer.

Once a total commodity, news has become more personal than ever.