What To Do With A Pair of Hyperlocals

January 10, 2013

As 2012 came to a close, it became clear to me that there’s no way I could build my hyperlocal news sites, Center Square Journal and Roscoe View Journal, into something that could support me and my family. I love them, and I think our team has done some important things for the community. But honestly, I feel like I’ve learned all I can from the experience, and I need to move on.

The thought of just shutting them down pains me. I’ve seen other people do it, and I’ve read this TechCrunch post on killing start ups too many times to count. I believe we’ve created a public trust, so I decided to invite the public to a community meeting to decide what they want to do.

You’re invited, if you want to join the discussion.

Real money will be needed to keep it going, and it can’t be run by just volunteers. But let’s be frank: The communities I cover are of means, and if there’s people that want the sites to continue, I’m sure ideas will pop up.

As for my role, I’m ready to pass it along completely, or play some sort of advisory/transition role, whatever may be asked of me. But I don’t harbor any need to hold it and control it. I guess really I’d like to see if this bird can fly on its own.

I’ve also been working on what comes next for me, but I’ll save that discussion for later.